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Euro-english course - grade 10

mardi 6 novembre 2018, par Varlot     
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The Euro English course aims to give the opportunity for students to have an international approach to their education. Students will benefit from an intensified use of English and will develop their self-confidence and their curiosity while striving for excellence.

Being a part of the Euro English course gives you the privilege to discover the many wonderful aspects that biculturalism has to offer.

  1. Curriculum :
    In addition to the 3 hours a week for modern languages, the pupils will attend a literature/history course 1 hour a week, which is given by a native Englishspeaking teacher. What’s more, Mathematics is taught in English for 1 hour a week in addition to the course in French language.
  2. Admission in the Euro English course :
    Pupils who wish to apply to the course need to fill in an application form including the school reports from 3ème as well as a letter of application.
  3. The activities of the section :
  • Setting up an exchange with a school in the United Kindgom or Ireland.
  • School trip to London to see how Mathematics have shaped our world at the Winton Gallery (Science Museum).
  • Preparing the TOEIC certificate, a diploma which proves the student’s mastery of the language.